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Information about Trojans
(netbus, Backorifice etc)

!|! PrettyPark Removal and Information

!|! Happy99.exe Removal and Information

If you have a suspect program from irc, like *dmsetup*, you can get on-line live help to remove it and confirm removal from #virushelp channel on the *oz.org* or * tig.melbourne.oz.org* server. Please remember to be patient, these people are volunteers and are doing you a big favour. Be polite and also remember to thank them when you have received help.

Most good anti-virus programs will detect backorifice and other trojans these days. Go to the download page for the latest and best rankings.

I advise to use a good anti-virus program or get help from #virushelp

Don Kelloway has a very good site with information about trojans and how to be rid of these devils.

Kovu is a #virushelp and #vigilantes regular his homepage has information about the channels.

#virushelp now has a very helpful homepage with info about various fixes for netbus, backorifice, dmsetup and other horrible things that can be caught over the net. This site has auto-fixes for specific viruses and trojans as well as manual fixes if you want a more hands on approach.

#vigilantes is another helpful channel on irc oz servers. They have a lot of helpful information and links about being *nuked*, DON = denial of service, trojans, backorifice and others. They are also on-line on irc for a bit of live advice. The charter from their home page states: * IRC Warfare is LAME this page is dedicated to the protection and education and NOT attacking other users. There are no war tools on this site at all and dont ask me for any either. *

There is an EFNet channel dedicated to helping users infected with trojans or those that have questions about them #hackfix run by the same users that have designed the web page http://split.netset.com/hackfix
This site has good up-to-date information on removing trojans or irc/ICQ type "viruses"

This site gives some info on getting rid of dmsetup yourself.

The Madokan sites listed on the downloads page have good information about trojans.

The following sites are from a usefull irc resource site:


These sites deal specifically with trojans and such:





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